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Advertising Manager
The interactive software for your successful advertising
Create a successful advertising strategy
Plan productive media campaigns
Track effectively the advertising activities
Professionally analyze the campaign results
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Optimize your advertising budget and save money

When it comes to expenses and budgeting in small businesses, every penny counts. For improving the impact of an advertising campaign, you will need to combine different media and approaches. That’s a lot of possible combinations. bluevizia Advertising Manager helps you pick the ones most suitable for your objectives and get you the biggest bang for your buck!
Get it right! Every time!

Creating your advertising media plan will require the investment of considerable time and efforts for evaluating the most efficient communication channels. The built-in media guide helps you understand which media is suitable for your business, current situation and business objectives. You get the answers you need: target audiences, coverage, business model, etc. bluevizia Advertising Manager will then explain you how to evaluate each campaign and determine its impact and performance.
Craft the right advertising messages!

The built-in Creative brief guides you step by step in the process of writing and selecting attractive messages for your advertising campaign, thus stimulating your creativity. You only have to think about and answer its questions. Soon you will have your Creative brief done. Now you can streamline your ideas and ask your employees, colleagues and partners for their input.
Professional guidance and assistance

bluevizia Advertising Manager 

guides you step by step in the process of determining the advertising activities that best suit your business and objectives. Comprehensive explanations accompany each step of the plan creation. The real life examples help you understand the actions that other companies have undertaken in the past. Now you can write a professionally looking, ready-to-use advertising plan by using this powerful piece of software.
Gain company-specific know-how!

Our advertising software helps you learn the basics of creating a professional advertising plan and the associated processes. Accumulate professional company-specific know-how in the area of advertising! Your company will be better prepared to face the competition and discover new opportunities to send its message.
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