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Advertising Manager
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Advertising Manager
The interactive software for your successful advertising
Create a successful advertising strategy
Plan productive media campaigns
Track effectively the advertising activities
Professionally analyze the campaign results
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bluevizia Advertising Manager showcases how to do a successful advertising campaign

agency style. Small businesses can now have advertising software that poses the right questions, proposes the best solutions and helps create an action plan - know-how, generally preserved for the "experts". This powerful app guides you step-by-step throughout the stages of advertising campaign planning, implementation, evaluation and control. It is meant for small and mid-sized businesses, willing to come up with their own advertising plan without hiring additional personnel or using agency services, and yet be as effective.

Advertising Campaign Guide

This integrated tool holds your hand through the steps of advertising campaign planning and implementation. The detailed topic-related instructions give you a clear idea of the information you should include in your plan. The situation analysis and derived action strategies come in quite handy too. The integrated modules include:

Detailed instruction for each project
SWOT Analysis
Positioning charts

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Media Planning

This section of the software supports you in selecting the appropriate advertising channel for your advertisement needs with detailed information about media specifics.

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Control and Analysis

This part of the advertising software automatically computes your monthly expenditure using the data you have entered in Media Planning. The supplied information about different media results and media target group coverage allows you to make a detailed preliminary analysis and comprehensive success tracking of the campaign. Furthermore, you can analyze the ROI and the effect of advertising on the profit.

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The extensive and well written Introduction provides understandable background knowledge about advertising.

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An easy-to-follow Navigator facilitates your actions with its usability.

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