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Advertising Manager
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Advertising Panning Software
Advertising Manager
The interactive software for your successful advertising
Create a successful advertising strategy
Plan productive media campaigns
Track effectively the advertising activities
Professionally analyze the campaign results
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"Advertising Manager makes it possible for SME managers to set up communication campaigns without necessarily resorting to an advertising agency. It passes the effect of publicity on to sales and measures the return on investment (the popular ROI index - Return On Investment)."

PCWorld (01/2005)

"Based on intuitive use and a very simple introduction of company data, bluevizia software helps the persons in charge of a small business to prepare a good marketing plan, to ensure an effective follow-up on sales, to improve the relations with customers, and even to make a professional analysis of an advertising campaign."

Agefi Luxembourg (01/2005)

"With bluevizia software, SMEs acquire a tool that poses the right questions, proposes the best solutions and assists in the creation of a professional action plan, which has historically been preserved for the "experts".

PME, Novembre 2004: Les PME mettent leurs consultants en boites

"How does one afford the services of a human resources, marketing, or communication manager when one is the owner of a small or medium enterprise and when each euro counts? The answer to this question is what bluevizia created as a succession of simple, practical and inexpensive software products whose function is to substitute those managers." (09/2004)

"Business-critical processes such as marketing, advertising and PR are often inevitably neglected in smaller enterprises. The necessary specialized knowledge is missing and neither departments nor co-workers are assigned with those functions. With the help of the interactive software tools of bluevizia, users have the possibility to manage business processes in marketing, PR, advertising, and Internet marketing, as well as applicant management independently and professionally, without any expert knowledge to be necessary for this."

CRN (07/2005)

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