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Marketing Manager
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Marketing Manager
Marketing software for all aspects of successful marketing.
Evaluate reliably the market potential
Develop a successful marketing strategy
Implement the most reasonable marketing plan
Get the best return on your investment
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Save time and money!

The advanced features of

bluevizia Marketing Manager help you define the marketing strategy

for your business. The built-in slider technology saves your time and efforts by allowing you to answer the questions without any writing!

Confirm your gut feeling!

You knew you were right all along. Now you can have that confirmed for you. Support your intuition with the relevant tool to plot your effective marketing strategies. Dig out new opportunities and solutions with the assistance of bluevizia Marketing Manager and its extensive integrated knowledge.
Gain company-specific know-how!

Each step of the analysis creation process is accompanied by extensive explanations of key marketing concepts. This marketing management tool helps you understand how you stack up against the competition, analyzing the data you have fed to it. By using bluevizia Marketing Manager you grasp the basics of marketing management and how to write a marketing plan, and gain valuable company insight.
Evaluate your offer and see how it measures up against the competition!

bluevizia Marketing Manager assists you in the analysis of your product or service positioning, your price and distribution policy and their comparison with those of your competitors. This marketing strategy software provides you with the solutions that best suit your current situation.
See the big picture of your business!

bluevizia Marketing Manager generates a set of professionally designed positioning charts, based on your answers. Each is accompanied by a complete guide on how to interpret the results and a link to possibly edit the initial data. You will find the What-If analysis function of the marketing software very useful if you want to run various scenarios and observe their consequences upon your business.
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