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Marketing Manager
Marketing software for all aspects of successful marketing.
Evaluate reliably the market potential
Develop a successful marketing strategy
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bluevizia Marketing Manager is effective marketing strategy software

for your company’s marketing management. It is made by marketing experts for developing long-term strategic marketing planning. Even if you’re not a marketing guru, this marketing planning software guides you step-by-step through the entire process of analyzing your business and developing your marketing strategy. It is ideal for the small business, willing to improve its market position without hiring expensive additional personnel, or business starters and trainees looking for a marketing tool to help them acquire valuable expertise.


The first step in making your Marketing Plan is the Analysis. This marketing strategy software guides you step-by-step in entering the data and generates an analysis of your current market situation. The Analysis renders a company-specific, detailed and clearly structured Marketing Report.

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Evaluations, Strategies, Charts

bluevizia Marketing Manager provides a detailed evaluation of your current situation, based on the data entered in the Analysis section.

The Strategies section, based on your data analysis, suggests different routes for improving your company’s performance and expanding your business in new potentially profitable areas.

The extensive and easy-to-grasp models and charts enable you to work professionally and have a thorough understanding of your situation. They illustrate all tailor-made marketing strategies and what-if scenarios so you receive a comprehensive and personalized marketing counseling.

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bluevizia Marketing Manager makes it possible to create a tailor-made, detailed and well-structured marketing report. It helps you take sound decisions and create fact-based plans.

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If you need help, the easy-to-follow Navigator will facilitate your work with its streamlined functionality.

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Business Processes and Strategies

The Business Processes and Strategies section supports you with up-to-date, understandable, practical knowledge in planning and implementation of marketing activities.

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This marketing management software contains a detailed glossary of marketing and business terms. It provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the marketing processes in your company.

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