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Public Relations Software
PR Manager
The interactive software for all aspects of successful internal and external communications
Plan a PR campaign and create a positive company image
Increase brand awareness
Establish beneficial relations with media, clients and partners
Manage professionally the crisis situations
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Improve your corporate image - boost your popularity!

You think Public Relations Management is only necessary for the biggies or can only be done by expensive consultants?
Think again!
bluevizia PR Manager is tailor-made for the average Joe and therefore heeds his needs. It helps plan, implement and analyze all types of activities in order to improve your image, be it personal or corporate, and establish excellent long-term relations with partners, clients, journalists, etc.

Full control in every situation

bluevizia PR Manager completely adapts to your business needs. Once the software has recommended activities and the plan has been generated you can accept it or modify its components (actions and dates) to better fit your needs.

Stay in touch with your partners, clients and the media!

Sending a professionally designed press release, newsletter or promotional email to your partners, clients or the media has never been so easy! This PR software is equipped with a powerful communication tool – PR Blaster. It helps you create and send emails to well-defined contact groups. Its What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editing tool enables you to create complex HTML emails in no time and effortlessly!

Step-by-step guidance and assistance

The interactive Wizard adjusts the app to your company specifics, current situation and goals and then your Public Relations plan generates. It includes all the recommended activities suggested by bluevizia PR Manager and the respective starting dates for them. Each step has a detailed explanation. You only have to follow the plan step-by-step. It’s a piece of cake!

Expertise that limits the need of dedicated staff or outside experts

You acquire internal company know-how as you answer the interactive wizard questions or advance step-by-step in the process of your customized PR plan implementation. The explained jargon helps you understand key issues of Public Relations.

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