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PR Manager
The interactive software for all aspects of successful internal and external communications
Plan a PR campaign and create a positive company image
Increase brand awareness
Establish beneficial relations with media, clients and partners
Manage professionally the crisis situations
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bluevizia PR Manager

is your private Public Relations counselor. It is effective and easy-to-use PR software that helps you create a successful communication policy. This powerful app enables you to optimize your relations with the media, clients, partners and employees by analyzing your business. It derives solution strategies, tailored precisely to your needs. This Public Relations software supports you along the whole process of planning, implementation, monitoring and success control of the performed communication activities. Due to its interactive advising functionality, this PR tool is perfect for the small business, involved in public relations for the first time and willing to optimize their public activities. Business starters and trainees who want to acquire valuable expert knowledge can benefit from it as well


bluevizia PR Manager includes all major types of PR campaigns. It offers more than 400 personalized guidelines while guiding you step-by-step in the search for the solution that fits best the company situation.

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Public Relations Planning

The software guides you step-by-step in creating a detailed Public Relations plan that contains all the steps to wrap up a successful campaign. The user-friendly interface and the intuitive usability allow for an effective and professional implementation and control of your Public Relations campaign.

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bluevizia PR Manager provides you with detailed, understandable knowledge for a successful communication. The useful tips on all types of communication will let you better choose, manage and achieve the goals of your Public Relations Campaign. It also explains the various Public Relation types, the most important Public Relations tools and how to address media using them.

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If you need help, the easy-to-follow Navigator will facilitate your work with its streamlined functionality.

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PR Blaster

PR Blaster is a very useful component of bluevizia PR Manager, designed to automate press release sending to multiple recipients. You can create your own database with the email addresses of all media contact persons you want to reach. They can be sorted by various criteria and thus easily looked up in your database.

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The application provides a detailed overview of the different types of Public Relations, clarifying the aspects of Corporate and Product PR, Personal PR, VIP PR, Internal Communication and Crisis PR.

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